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I work with brands to create user-centric campaigns and products and manage the teams and processes that support them. What can I help you with?
Brand Marketing & Engagement

Grow audiences and loyalty by cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships, tell your brand story more effectively, leverage identities, and expand your social impact.

User Experience (UX)

Create, test, and iterate powerful and interactive experiences that prioritize users and empathy, drive positive interaction, and maximize task completion rates.


Build holistically findable digital products and campaigns, develop inbound marketing strategies, increase social signals and links, and improve your search engine visibility.

Data Curation & Analysis

Shift your organization's internal focus to measurable outcomes, track the right performance indicators, and analyze traffic trends and user behavior.

Product & Project Management

Drive products from conception to launch, simplify and routinize processes and work, integrate analytics and testing into your digital programs, and improve product development.

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It's All About Empathy

I work with brands to create and measure holistically empathetic digital experiences that are user-centered, from the inside out.

Prioritizing Empathy & Building Meaningful Relationships

Empathy for users and individual experiences transcends mediums and technologies. And, relationships are the cornerstone of effective, empathetic growth and loyalty marketing methodologies. I work with brands to create and measure powerful and effective digital experiences and campaigns, tell stories, understand audiences and their goals, cultivate and solidify relationships, and develop experiences with mutually beneficial outcomes that address business goals as well as individual needs and experiences.

Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, & Persuasion

Empathy is not just an emotional perspective, it’s a science. Human-computer interaction, psychology, heuristics, and persuasive technology research provide a measurable, predictable foundation for my user experience methodologies and projects. I work with brands to develop user personas to segment and express audience needs and desires then leverage existing research on how people experience digital products, design, and technologies to develop strategies that meet business goals and build audience loyalty.

Building Holistically Empathetic and Findable Frameworks

Holistic empathy is not just expressed in the mediums like content, email, social, inbound, and so on, it is built into the frameworks that support these mediums and the information architecture that helps users understand, navigate, and explore brands and digital content. Building empathetic and scalable frameworks with search engine optimized (SEO) backend structures and data allows users to experience a seamless and natural path to their goal or desired outcome.

Quantifying Experiences

Understanding how people use your products requires rigorous and regular data curation and analysis. But, collecting data isn’t enough - you need to know what you’re looking for. I work with brands to identify the right KPIs to express their business goals and users’ experiences, implement testing and analytic tools, lead focus groups and persona development, and measure and analyze the results of analytics, user experience tests, and metrics across mediums and practice lean iteration based on findings.

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I help brands on a mission tell stories and cultivate audiences and loyalty through integrated digital products and campaigns.
  • Human Rights First
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Center for a New American Security
  • NAF Canada
  • Avalon Solar
  • Equator Capital
  • Stop the Atrocity Supply Chain
  • National Coalition for LGBT Health
  • Campaign for America's Future
  • Stand with Servicewomen
  • Equator Solar
  • FE Partners, LLC

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  • Nikki is a delight to work with and her knowledge of all things web and online related is impressive. Nikki has a rare ability to communicate well with both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy people.

    Liz Rose - Communications Director
    Economic Policy Institute
  • Nikki is very direct and professional, and I very much appreciated her approach to information delivery. Nikki's no-nonsense, professional work style is refreshing in a world of opaque and bureaucratic workplaces.

    Lori Feinman - Director, AIA Meetings
    The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Nikki brings an excellent combination of understanding of the digital world, a sense of organization and skill in making websites function as they should. I am looking forward to working with her on future improvements to our site, and would encourage others to do the same.

    Isaiah Poole - Director of Online Communications
    Campaign for America's Future
  • Nikki came into our organization and really hit the ground running. We were in the middle of a web site redesign and her guidance and advice have proven invaluable.

    Price B. Floyd - Director of External Relations
    Center for a New American Security

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